Tornado dominate at Bayford Meadows

Bayford Meadows

With most clubs wrapping their championships up for winter. Bayford is one of the last circuits to race this year, so Tornado Kart Engines turned up in force!

Having SIX of the eight drivers on the grid, we knew the drivers would do well for Tornado… and boy didn’t they do well!

Run 1 was won by Harry Freeman, with Alfie Mew 2nd and Noah Baglin 3rd, Tornado also took 4th (Sergio Wirz) and 5th (Kalian Russell)

Run 2 saw Noah Baglin win by the smallest of margins (0.090seconds!) to Alfie Mews (2nd) and Harry Freeman (3rd) with Sergio Wirz, Kalian Russell and Ronnie Legg making it a clean sweep for Tornado!!!

Run 3 Saw Alfie Mew take the top spot, by a whisker (0.030 seconds) from Harry Freeman who in turn pipped Noah Baglin (3rd by 0.080 seconds) seperating the top three by a measly 0.110 seconds). It just goes to show how even the Tornado C50 Bambino engines really are! Well done to Sergio Wirz, Kalian Russell and Ronnie Legg for making sure that Bayford Meadows was locked out by #teamtornado !!

Unlucky for Harley Musk at Fulbeck IKR this weekend… we all have one of ‘those days’ but we’re know you’ll be back on the podium soon enough buddy!

Well done this weekend to all the drivers that braved the freezing cold to do what you love!

Roll on next race!


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