Tornado Kart Engines cause a Storm at Clay

Tornado drivers take the podium!

Well after a long delay the 2020 Superone season finally started at Clay Pigeon last weekend.

With Tornado drivers in the ‘New Era’ and ‘Pro’ classes, The Tornado team were confident of some silverware!

All the drivers looked wicked in practice. Unfortunately, Harley got involved in an incident on Saturday, which shook him. We’re glad to see you back out on Sunday buddy! Karts can be replaced ??

Anyway, back to the racing…

…went really well. Harper and Rhys-David went straight into the top 10 of the New Era group. Cracking start for these two up and coming pedallers!

The Pro class was a nail bighter, the Tornado drivers didn’t disappoint and took a 1st (Albie) and 2nd (Luca) in qualifying! Jenson taking 6th, Harley 12th, Cooper 14th and Sebastian 15th. WHAT A STATEMENT, Tornado engines, leading the way!

Heat 1…
New Era – Harper and Rhys-David did well. Harper moving up two places and Rhys-David crossing the line in 7th. These two have never been to Clay Pigeon, so to see them both in the top 10 is a massive achievement!

Pro Class – Luca crossed the line in 3rd, Albie had a bad start which meant he dropped to 8th, shame buddy as the win was yours! Harley, still struggling with confidence after Saturdays crash finished 12th, but also took fastest Sector 2!!! Jenson took 11th and fastest sector 3. Sebastian finished 18th and finally Cooper….WOW! Started 14th, finished 7th! AMAZING race Cooper, We think if you had wings, you would have taken off! #flying

Heat 2…
New Era – Again both boys put in a strong performance. Rhys-David finishing 6th and Harper Das in 7th. Both boys working hard and improving on their start position!

Pro Class – Albie finally got a break didn’t get smashed off the track, taking 3rd place and missing out on 2nd by 0.027 seconds! Jenson crossed in 9th, Harley 10th, Cooper had another MEGA race from 14th to finish 8th and took the fastest lap (which was also THE FASTEST LAP OF THE DAY!) with a 50.642! Sebastian finished 18th and Luca had a mechanical issue and retired. ANOTHER FASTEST LAP and another top three. Well played boys!!!

New Era – Both Rhys-David and Harper had been MEGA all day. The final didn’t disappoint. Rhys-David finishing 9th and Harper crossing the line in 8th and also taking his FIRST EVER purple sector in sector 3!!! Both finishing their firest National round in the top 10. Really well played guys. We cant wait to see how you develop throughout the season!

Pro – Albie took the podium after a nail biting final. The top 3 crossed the line with just 0.267 seconds between them! Cooper was set for the WIN after taking the lead into the first corner of the final lap. Unfortunately he we then punted off and dropped back to 7th and then fought back to 5th. Cooper also took fastest sector 2 and 3 on the way. Well deserved buddy, you we’re MONSTER all weekend!!! Jenson finished 11th, Harley 14th and Sebastian 17th. Luca was plagued by another mechanical issue… next time mate!

So SuperOne BKC, Round 1 at Clay… DONE. The Tornado team are extremely proud of what the drivers have achieved this weekend in both classes. Tornado take the FASTEST lap of the day and just confirms that we are the engines to beat!

Roll on Round 2 and we’ll be back bigger, better and even stronger!

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